Renting in Stockholm: 8 tips to write outstanding rental applications

Are you trying to rent a place in Stockholm?
Are you sending a lot of emails but you feel it's really difficult to get answers from the landlords?

Don't worry, you are not the only one with this problem.
Finding an accommodation in Stockholm can be a really challenging task.

rent in stockholm tips

It's nothing personal, landlords are just normal people who want to feel secure about choosing the right tenant.

So we decided to talk with landlords (and we are still doing that) to see how they choose tenants based on the rental applications that they receive, and this is what we learned:

1. Introduce yourself properly

  • Mention why you are moving to Stockholm (work, study, etc.)
  • Tell them how you like to take care of the house, keep it clean and look after the furniture.
  • Explain who is going to live with you and why
  • Sell yourself: Why should the landlord choose you?

2. Good things to mention if you have them

  • Stable income
  • References from previous landlords or your employer
  • Permanent job
  • No payment defaults
  • You don’t smoke and have no pets

3. Use a customized template

Have a template for the text of the application that you can reuse, but remember to make it personal if you want to get their attention:
  • Make sure to address the landlord by his first name if you know it
  • Mention something that you really like about the property and/or the neighbourhood.
  • If they specified an important requirement in the ad (for example no smokers), make sure to address it.

4. Keep it short

Remember that landlords might receive a lot of emails, so be concise!
Send the email to yourself first and read it both in your laptop and your smartphone to be sure that it is easy to read and not too long.

5. Timing

Applying at the right time is key: try to send your applications as soon as the ads are posted.

If the landlord receives 100 emails, even if you write the perfect message he is not going to read it. Remember: Most landlords just reply to the first few emails that they receive.

6. Prefer quality over quantity

“Hey, is the apartment still available?”

This is one of the most common messages that a landlord receives everyday.
And if you send a hundred applications like this, they will get you far (indeed very far, but from the city center!).

This kind of emails are usually ignored and are unlikely to get a reply.

So if you want an apartment in the center of Stockholm, send fewer applications where you show genuine interest and personalize the message.

7. Be proactive

If you have the landlord’s phone number, give him a call!
If they don't answer, try with an SMS. (as nobody uses them anymore they work great!)

Show your interest and follow up on your application. This will put you ahead of dozen of seekers who don’t use the phone number even if they have it.

Don't try to negotiate the price, especially before a viewing. If it's not within your budget, you might be better off spending your time searching for another place.

8. Ask for or accept a viewing as soon as possible.

Apartments are rented out very fast, and getting to the viewing first is always a great advantage.